Pneumatic PC Based Handy Dot Pin Markers

We, MarkIndia Marking Systems are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Pneumatic PC Based Handy Dot Pin Markers and our setup is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. This product is also known as Dot Peen Marking Machines. MarkIndia X-LAR CNC Handy Dot Peen Marking Machines are designed based on Pneumatic technology addressing high speed marking. Pneumatic marking machines has faster operational time. With its Dot Peen marking technology user can achieve higher accuracy and fast production. The advanced technology take up X-LAR Marking machine at highest precision of marking. This is the perfect choice for consistent depth of marking on large number of components. A special stylus provided with XLAR marking machine, that marks upto 0.5 mm in soft steel component. Our all Dot Pin pneumatic marking machines are popular in all application areas that requires much faster and deep marking. The complete marking machine with built in electronics based, Suitable for 24 * 7 working. Requires computer with Serial Port. Requires compressed air supply for working. Versatile and suits most direct part marking applications.

Categories : Barcode Marking, Computer Based Controls, Handy, Dot Peen Pneumatic, Small & Big Component Marking

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  • Standard Marking window : 50mm X 30mm, 50mm X 100mm and any custom built size available.
  • Type Of Machine : Pneumatic
  • Type Of Head : Poratble Head
  • Material of Cons : Aluminium Sheet Metal Body
  • Handles : Front support handle and rear Combo handle for manual holding & stand mtg.
  • Weight : 2.5 kg without front Fxture
  • Cable : 2 meter Standard cable with head.
  • Standard Stylus : Std. 3 mm
  • Color of Machine : Orange


  • Axes : 2 & 3 axis versions available
  • Version : Pneumatic and Electric Version
  • Power Supply : 240 V AC
  • Cooling : High Speed Fan provided.
  • Machine Connection : Robust Military Standard Round Green Connectors.
  • Ports : Serial for PC Connection.

Optional Accessories

  • I/O Port : 10 Inputs & 10 Outputs for automatic Text Selection. End of marking O/P ( Marking Done Pulse) , Marking Start Pulse.
  • Customization : Lot of Customize Accessories available for Dot Pin Marking Machines.


  • Computer : Connects to any PC running Windows operating system & Serial port.
  • Software : Operates with proprietory X-LAR CNC Marker Software
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